About Us

Facts are threatening to those invested in fraud.

DaShanne Stokes

Unprecedented times have brought unprecedented challenges. Mainstream media integrity and credibility have given way to lies, and the intentional sewing of the seeds of confusion. As we watch our once trusted media channels systematically destroying themselves we begin to look for alternative channels to provide basic truthful information.

Unprecedented challenges require unprecedented solutions. Freedom Casters is dedicated to those of you who watch traditional news channels and know that something isn’t quite right or are not willing to blindly accept obvious lies.

Freedom Casters was created to bring together all media creators who want to boldly deliver the truth, make sense of the confusion, and expose the mainstream media’s lies. You no longer have to visit several websites or keep a folder of book marks. You can now find your favourite broadcasters under one roof. No more hunting the net for new information, Freedom Casters does that for you. Search our site for your favourite broadcaster or by the subjects that matter most to you. Want to watch video? We have that. Would you rather listen to a podcast? We have you covered. You can also delve into articles, blog posts and opinion pieces. All sharable of course.

Freedom Casters is a censorship free alternative to the ever-crumbling narrative. We will always encourage, healthy respectful debate here but lies will never be tolerated. We’re looking at you CBC.

Welcome to Freedom Casters. Let your journey to discover the truth begin.