But this is not my Canada

It has been over a year and our country is not the same. We have been divided and torn apart as families, friends and communities. We have had enough. It is time to take Canada back.

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I don’t live in an Igloo, and don’t know a lumberjack or a fur trader

I do know a Jimmy, Sally and Susan from Toronto..and yes they are nice people…really nice

I do have a prime minister …but he is beyond incompetent.

I do believe in Peace and not police over-reach

I do believe in multi cultures and tolerance

I speak English and French (Say this in both language for both video)
My name is not Joe and I am Canadian…but this is not my Canada
It’s Time to Take Canada back

We all came at different times to this great land. We came for different reasons and built this great country.
We worked hard, we did our best, we embraced our differences but remembered our past.
We worked with each other. We respected each other. We got married. We had kids. We built a life.
No matter where we came from or the difficulties we faced we were all Canadian.
Sure we made mistakes along the way. We did some things we are not proud of but we learned, and we grew together.

Freedom, Respect, Community and Tolerance were the fabric of our nation
We were brave in face of certain death. We did what was right and not what was easy! We come together in times of trouble and moments of Joy
We lead the way for human rights, and religious freedoms, whatever your belief

But that has changed
We are being divided
Without data and justification we have been jailed
We have been bullied
We have been Arrested
We have been Shamed
We have been Muzzled
We have been lied to and deceived
Our police are ignoring their oaths and breaking the highest laws in the land
Neighbours are turning on each other with the encouragement of our leaders
Depression, Overdoses, Drinking, Child and Spousal abuse and suicide and are out of control
Our fundamental freedoms are under attack from all side all in the name of Safety and Health
And yet this has happened before. Now it is happening here
Reasonable voices are being censored all around us. When in History have the people doing the censoring been the good guys?
Censorship is un UnCanadian
Cancel Culture is UnCanadian
Bullying is UnCanadian
Shutting down businesses and schools is decidedly UnCanadian

How did we become so full of fear?
This land was discovered by courier de bois, lumberjacks, explorers, built by immigrants and an army of the fearless.

We need to take our country back!

Get informed
Get involved
Get organized

Its time to say enough with the lies and fear.

I am Canadian and I want my Canada back!

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